Curated Exhibitions & Screenings 

 The Gate Theater Film Festival 1966/2019 
 curated-film screenings 


 Only the truth disguised in a dream 
 curated-film screening 


 I Am the Sun 
 curated library exhibition 

 curated gallery exhibition and events 


 Eccentricities and Disorientations: Experiencing Geometricies in Black Metal
co-curated portfolio for Helvete journal 

 Charlemagne Palestine:
curated solo exhibition 

 Prelude: The Breathe of Charybdis 
 curated video screening 

 The night is no longer dead;
it has a life of its own
curated portfolio for Helvete journal 

 curated video screening 

 Black Thorns in the Black Box 
 curated film & video screeening 

 Black Thorns in the White Cube 
 curated gallery exhibition 

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